How do Data Catalogs Built as Knowledge Graphs Enable an Enterprise Data Fabric

About the Paper

White PaperThere is a new approach in the world of data and it’s getting a lot of buzz in the industry — Data Fabric. Gartner identified data fabric as the top trend for data and analytics in 2021. It has been rapidly gaining traction in the enterprise. Nearly 70% of our recent webinar attendees said they were either implementing or researching data fabrics.

Data fabric is an architectural approach designed to help organizations better deal with the increasing number of data sources, ever-changing application requirements and distributed processing. Semantic modeling based on knowledge graph technology is a critical component of data fabric design. The use of knowledge graphs makes it possible for a data catalog to support a data fabric.

Read this white paper to learn more about:
  • What are knowledge graphs and why are they important to data catalogs?
  • How do data catalogs built as knowledge graphs enable enterprise data fabric?

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