Trends in Data Management: A 2022 DATAVERSITY Report

About the Paper


In today’s data-driven digital economy, organizations are increasingly looking for competitive advantages through reporting, analytics, and operational efficiencies. While this has been true for many years, there is an increasing maturity in the Data Management space as more organizations look to focus on Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Security to ensure a solid data foundation for these efforts.

Digital Transformation continues to be a priority for organizations, but the importance has shifted toward using digital technologies and data to support customer satisfaction, rather than as an effort in and of itself. Data has become an increasingly important business asset, so more business stakeholders are looking to take an active role in Self-Service Reporting as well as Data Governance. To meet this demand, Data Literacy is becoming much more important as an enterprise-wide focus.

Such trends were cited in the DATAVERSITY 2022 Trends in Data Management Survey. This report details and analyzes the latest thoughts, trends, and activities indicated by those who participated in the study.

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