Deliver a Business-Ready Data Pipeline with DataOps


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About the Paper

IBM_DataOpsMethology_Cover.PNGImplement DataOps to deliver a business-ready data pipeline. Lack of quality data, siloed data ownership and inefficient processes associated with data collection and data preparation can stall the deployment of data-related projects. Many organizations face obstacles in developing data pipelines such as lack of understanding and trustworthiness of the data. In addition, inability to know what data is available and how to gain access. DataOps is designed to solve organizations’ challenges associated with inefficiencies in accessing, preparing, integrating and making data available – while adhering to corporate and regulatory policies.

Read this white paper to dive deeper into:
1. Overcoming enterprise obstacles with DataOps
2. DataOps skills and organizational maturity development
3. A template to set up your first DataOps project plan


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