2020 Global Data Management Research

About the Paper


Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape hinges on the ability to leverage accurate and reliable data to make informed and strategic business decisions. But transforming data from liability to strategic asset is far from simply flipping a switch. 

New research from Experian shows that while 85% of businesses believe data is one of their most valuable assets, a high degree of inaccuracy is hindering critical initiatives. In addition, rising levels of data debt and a data skills shortage are converging to make data insights harder to achieve. To tackle the large degree of distrust in information, a growing number of companies are investing in specialized data talent and data literacy programs.  


Join us to uncover new research from more than 1,000 global professionals as we take a deep dive into: 

  • The top challenges in leveraging trusted data 
  • How data debt drags down ROI
  • Trends around data skills, talent, and the rise of data literacy
  • Tips for how you can drive a data-driven culture  


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