Data Enablement:

Building a Foundation of Trust and Governance in the Data-Driven Era


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About the Paper

Experian-DGVCover.pngDelivering an exceptional customer experience starts with a foundation of trusted, data-driven insights. You wouldn’t build a house on a faulty foundation, right? Our new research shows that despite a significant investment in data initiatives, 69 percent of organizations still struggle to be data-driven. In fact, 65 percent report inaccurate data is undermining key initiatives.

Companies face a large data debt, look at data projects through a siloed lens, and still have a large volume of inaccurate data. But, good news: the tide is turning. We spoke with more than 500 data practitioners to understand where they are on their journey to data enablement.

Our research explores:

  • The top challenges in becoming a data-driven organization
  • Trends and the rise of data enablement
  • The profile of a mature organization
  • Tips for how you can adopt data enablement practices

Download our research and learn how you can build a rock-solid foundation—hint: it starts with data quality—for an exceptional customer experience.


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