Recipes for DataOps Success

About the Paper

DataKitchen_Q221WPCover.pngWhile most data leaders recognize they need DataOps to supercharge their company’s business agility, most don’t know where to begin. You are not alone!  Recipes for DataOps Success: The Complete Guide to an Enterprise DataOps Transformation illustrates how to lead DataOps change at your organization.  It answers important questions such as:

     - How do you build support for DataOps? 
     - What is the best first project? 
     - How can you transfer DataOps from a single team to the greater
     - And much much more!

 “At Celgene we followed the principles described in this book and it had a transformative effect on our organization.  Our team was able to do a whole lot more analytics, faster and with fewer errors.  This allowed the team to focus more energy on bringing value to our partners.”  - James Royster, Former Head of Data Strategy and Operations, Celgene

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