Why Your Business Users Need to Love Metadata


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About the Paper

No business likes to throw money out the window, or in the case of the modern day enterprise, down the electronic data stream. But, that is exactly what businesses all over the world are doing every day if they don’t have control of their data. It doesn’t matter if they live in the world of gigabytes, terabytes, or exabytes, data is the lifeblood of any organization that wants to be competitive in the marketplace. Metadata is the foundation at that data; without quality metadata an enterprise’s data systems are unreliable.

This white paper focuses on the importance of getting your organization’s business users to understand the reasons why metadata is essential to them. It discusses the importance of data to a business’ health overall, presents some astounding numbers about the growth of data in the world, and explains metadata in non-technical terms. It examines how metadata is crucial to making better business decisions, enabling business processes, supporting data governance, and presents two real world business profiles to provide down to earth examples. Metadata is not some philosophical construct discussed in the back rooms of IT departments; metadata is the glue that holds together the wealth of an enterprise, its data.

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