Trends in Data Management - A 2019 DATAVERSITY Report


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About the Paper

2019DMRPCover.pngIn today’s fast-paced business environment, more and more organizations are looking to become data-driven, and with this comes a renewed interest in Data Management. In such dynamic times, Data Management becomes increasingly important both in “offense” mode – while driving business success and growth – and in “defense” mode – while protecting organizations against risk.

Due to the increased interest in data, more stakeholders across the organization are leveraging data, which requires an increased focus on Data Governance and collaboration. At the same time, these stakeholders need access to timely information, driving the need for newer, innovative data platforms to support faster, reliable access to an ever-growing amount of data. These competing demands – the need for faster access to a greater amount of data in order to drive business success and the simultaneous need to protect and manage those same data assets to reduce risk – make for an interesting exploration into how real-world organizations respond to the challenge. How are companies practicing Data Management in this environment? What is the current state of Data Management? How are companies planning for the future? How do they balance new and old technologies? How do they manage data effectively for profit?

DATAVERSITY® asked these questions through a 2019 Trends in Data Management survey. This paper details and analyzes the latest thoughts, trends, and activities indicated by those who participated in the study.


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