How Confluent Completes Apache Kafka: Modernize your data infrastructure with Confluent

About the Paper

Apache Kafka is the foundation of modern data architectures, but the open-source technology alone doesn’t offer everything enterprises need to reach production quickly and implement data in motion use cases end-to-end. In order to connect, process, and react to data in motion across all of your cloud and on-premises environments, there are additional steps: developing connectors, building security features, deploying disaster recovery tools, and more. And even once that development work is done, the operational burden of running Kafka at scale can be costly and put a heavy load on your team.

To remedy this, Confluent offers a complete and secure enterprise-grade distribution of Kafka and makes it available everywhere your apps and data reside. In this ebook, you’ll learn how to:
  • Accelerate time to value and reduce TCO with Confluent’s complete and secure distribution of Kafka
  • Modernize your data architecture with a Kafka solution that’s re-engineered to be cloud-native
  • Pursue hybrid and multi-cloud strategies with a data platform that exists everywhere
Plus, you’ll learn how other Confluent customers—like KeyBank and Nuuly—are transforming their businesses by setting data in motion.
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