Active Data Governance — A People-First Approach to Achieve Business Goals

About the Paper

Alation_Q320WP1_Cover.PNGData — despite being an exceedingly powerful asset — is poorly managed and underutilized. Exploding data volume and expanding Data Quality challenges pose hurdles to enterprises endeavoring to discover the data they have and understand its business context. Can the data be trusted? Can businesses rely on data-driven decisions? Is personal data protected? These questions are driving an escalating need for Data Governance.

Unfortunately, traditional Data Governance programs are narrowly focused on compliance and risk mitigation, hindering an organization’s ability to democratize data and drive business outcomes.

The path to successfully delivering value from governance does not have to be limited in focus, nor does it have to be a long and expensive journey. Effective Data Governance is about influencing people's data-related behavior. Read this whitepaper to learn:
  • Why governance is a top priority for enterprises
  • Pitfalls of a traditional governance approach
  • How Alation’s approach to governance is different from the norm
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Data Governance doesn’t have to be this difficult — there is a better way!