Data Platforms in Financial Services — The NoSQL Edge

About the Paper

Aerospike_Q12021WP_Cover.PNGThis white paper explores the criticality of real-time data processing in financial institutions and the common challenges they face. The growth in online transactions and web applications is driving a focus on fraud prevention, customer experience, and a new digital imperative that requires new thinking on how data is stored, managed, and processed.

This report deep-dives in the following topics:
  • Application and criticality of data processing at scale in financial services, covering fraud prevention, personalized customer experience, challenges of data sources & formats and infrastructure requirements for instantaneous transactions
  • Highlights challenges associated with data processing in financial services
  • Data handling and processing in traditional architectures
  • NoSQL databases in the changing world of financial services covering digital transformation in financial services and the changes imposed by it
  • Preference of NoSQL over traditional databases
  • Opportunities and business benefits that can be derived from NoSQL databases
  • Featured case study of Aerospike, a leading NoSQL solution provider
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