Trends in Data Management - A 2021 DATAVERSITY Report

About the Paper

DVRP2021-Cover.pngDigital transformation and the rise of the data-driven organization continue to drive Data Management across the globe. Increases in remote work and digital commerce, in part due to COVID-19 lockdowns, have only intensified these trends. Data stands at the center of digital transformation, and many organizations are focusing on Data Strategy, Data Governance, and Metadata Management to support opportunities through data while at the same time keeping data safe through a focus on security and privacy, especially regarding the growth of Cloud Technologies.

Organizations also show a substantial concern over a lack of data skills, driving an increased focus on Data Literacy. For an organization’s business staff, Data Literacy is needed to support the organization’s stakeholders in data-driven decision-making and analytics. For technical workers, specialized skills in architecture, integration, and other core fundamentals are lacking, which is holding back many organizations from achieving their goals of data and digital transformation.

DATAVERSITY®, through its 2021 Trends in Data Management Survey, wanted to learn more about how organizations conducted and planned for Data Management. How will organizations digitally transform in 2021 and into the future? What role will Data Management fundamentals like Data Governance, Metadata Management, and Data Architecture take in the typical organization? This paper details and analyzes the latest thoughts, trends, and activities indicated by those who participated in the study.

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