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DATE: November 19, 2013

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific 

PRICE: Free to all attendees.

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About the Webinar

TARGIT CTO Dr. Morton Middelfart has professionally devoted himself to one thing: turning DECISIONS into ACTION faster, more efficiently, and more intelligently than ever. He continues to develop patented features that zero in on solving the challenges that companies face every day. One of those challenges is harnessing the massive amounts of external data relevant to your company. Big data is … well … big. And companies that don’t learn from it and adapt will be quickly left in the dust. Join Morton for his session “Make BIG DATA work for you” and discover how to get the most out of your big data through Business Intelligence.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why external data is increasingly important to today’s businesses
  • Exciting new technologies developed to help you make sense of the growing amount of Big Data
  • How to measure and monitor consumers’ sentiments about your company
  • What your external data says about your internal data
  • What you need to take action to constantly stay ahead of the curve

About the Speaker

Dr. Morten Middelfart, CTO, Targit

Morten MiddelfartMorten Middelfart has over two decades of experience in developing and managing business intelligence solutions. He is currently CTO and chief product visionary for TARGIT.  Morten holds an MBA from Henley Management College (U.K.) and two PhDs, from Rushmore University (U.S.) and Aalborg University (Denmark). Morten holds 7 U.S. Patents (and 25 worldwide) for his technological developments in business intelligence and analytics, placing him among the top 1.8% of all active inventors. In his spare time, Morten is an avid skydiving instructor and enthusiast, with more than 1,500 airplane jumps and several BASE jumps to his name.


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