Metadata Strategies

DATE: November 10, 2015

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific 

PRICE: Free to all attendees.

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About the Webinar

Good systems development often depends on multiple data management disciplines that provide a solid foundation. One of these is metadata. While much of the discussion around metadata focuses on understanding metadata itself along with its associated technologies, this perspective often represents a typical tool-and-technology focus, which has not achieved significant results to date. A more relevant question when considering pockets of metadata is whether to include them in the scope of organizational metadata practices. By understanding what it means to include items in the scope of your metadata practices, you can begin to build systems that allow you to practice sophisticated ways to advance their data management and supported business initiatives. After a bit of practice in this manner you can position your organization to better exploit any and all metadata technologies in support of business strategy.


  • How to leverage metadata in support of your business strategy
  • Understanding foundational metadata concepts based on the DAMA DMBOK
  • Guiding principles & lessons learned

About the Speaker

Peter Aiken

Founding Director, Data Blueprint

Peter Aiken_croppedPeter Aiken, Ph.D., is widely acclaimed as one of the top ten data management authorities worldwide. As a practicing data consultant, author and researcher, he has been actively performing in and studying data management for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions and consulted with more than 50 organizations in 20 countries across numerous industries, including defense, banking, healthcare, telecommunications and manufacturing. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and author of multiple publications, including his latest books “Monetizing Data Management” and “Making the Case for the Chief Data Officer”. Peter is the Founding Director of Data Blueprint, a data management consulting firm that puts organizations on the right path to leverage data for competitive advantage and operational efficiency. He is also Associate Professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University and past President of the International Data Management Association (DAMA).