Stop the Madness! A Practical Guide to Making Your Data Catalog Strategy Work

DATE: October 18, 2022

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

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About the Webinar

"Through 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance." - Gartner 
Organizations are rushing to implement Data Catalogs to solve their governance challenges, however these implementations are falling short in providing value beyond a small set of analysts. Join us on this webinar to learn how to implement governance in a way that benefits everyone in the organization, including consumers of BI. 

About the Speaker

Marius Moscovici
CEO, Metric Insights

SpeakerMarius has over 20 years of experience in analytics and data warehousing, with roles at Oracle, Integral Results, and Linden Lab. He was co-founder and CEO of Integral Results, a leading BI consultancy that was acquired by Idea Integration. He also formed and led the analytics group at Linden Lab.

Mike Smitheman
VP, Sales and Marketing, Metric Insights


Mike has over 15 years of product and marketing experience in the business intelligence industry. Mike helped bring analytic products to market with senior roles at Seagate Software, AIM Technology, Tealeaf, Accero, and GoodData.

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