Data Governance - From Chaos to Harmony

DATE: August 1, 2018

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

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About the Webinar

Introducing a formal enterprise data governance team into a company can be challenging. Even more so when the company has many siloed lines of business with separate business and IT teams. But it can be done. 

In this presentation we will follow how the Data Governance team at JLL has been able to achieve success in this area. Four years ago, they were a brand-new team with a challenge of introducing Enterprise Data Governance to aid in the development of a new consolidated Commercial Real Estate offering titled RED. This was a product that would integrate the applications of all the lines of business.

Challenges included:

- Lack of standards
- No Consistency in Data across lines of business
- No interaction/communication between teams
- Data quality issues
- Unclear or non-existent data governance processes 

The Data Governance team has been able to address these challenging issues to varying degrees. In this presentation we will share what has worked and what did not.

A key takeaway from this presentation will be that people skills are very important in bringing an organization along in a new data governance initiative. In a culture not used to having integrated data governance processes and functions convincing people that Data Governance is important for them to put resources into can be particularly challenging. It was not until we were able to bring teams together to see that they had to work together that we were able to gain traction with our data governance initiatives. I will show how we addressed that challenge, missteps and ultimately success.

About the Speaker

Houston_Shawn_G_A.jpgShawn G.A. Houston

VP Global Data Governance, JLL

A Philadelphia native, Shawn studied Computer Operated Business Information Systems at Howard University in DC and had a unique opportunity to work in a family business developing a budgeting system for colleges and universities. He built upon that experience creating similar systems for country clubs.

Realizing that his true passion was the data captured by the applications, Shawn focused his journey in the data arena. From database administration to data architecture to business intelligence and finally data governance, Shawn has served in all roles surrounding data.

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