Data Gamification – Levelling Up in Data Governance

DATE: July 1, 2020

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

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About the Webinar

In the field of Data Governance, the concept of gamification holds tremendous promise. It has the potential to fast-track our understanding of the various activities, roles, and responsibilities that contribute to a successful Data Governance program. To this end, the Standard Bank Group has embarked on a journey to gamify key Data Governance concepts. Their primary goal is to encourage users to actively participate and learn more about managing data while simultaneously improving their understanding of what governance entails and the role they play. During the webinar, Dumisani Mthimkhulu will share how Standard Bank has used the science of gaming to influence behavior and help their users “level up” their data knowledge and skills.

About the Speaker

Dumisani Mthimkhulu
Platform Owner – Data Asset Management, Standard Bank Group

Dumisani_Mthimkhulu_DGPO_Cropped.jpgDumisani Mthimkhulu is the 2020 DGPO Data Governance Best Practice Award second place winner. He has been instrumental in establishing the Data Asset Management (DAM) competency in the Standard Bank Group and championing the investment into, adoption of, and execution on Data Asset Management and Data Governance technologies and best practices. His role involves overseeing a range of data-related functions and platforms to ensure the Group gets the most value from their data assets. These functions include Metadata Management, Data Profiling, Data Quality, Data Modelling, Reference Data Management, Data Lineage, Information Classification, Integration to Cloud Integration to Strategic Source Systems, Self-Service, and Machine Learning. Dumisani is a well-respected change agent in an ever-evolving technology landscape and always strives to make a difference within the Group and the larger data community.

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