Let's Talk Data Management

Where's the Data? Let Your

Catalog Find It

DATE: June 27, 2018

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

About the Webinar

Data may be everywhere, but finding what you need can be downright challenging. That's partly due to the complexity of modern information landscapes; and partly due to decades of manual efforts to categorize and organize highly diverse sets of data. The end result is a fragmented view of the enterprise and poor data governance, which often hampers trust in the data and thus lowers the value of reporting and analytics.

How can your company do better? Check out this DM Radio Deep Dive to find out! Host Eric Kavanagh will explain why data catalogs hold tremendous promise for solving long-standing data management issues. He'll be joined by Paul Brunet of Collibra, who will demonstrate how data catalogs can simultaneously improve data governance, while bringing order to the chaos of today's far-reaching information architectures. He'll show how data citizens can be enabled to find, understand and leverage trusted data to drive business value. 

About the Speaker

Paul Brunet

Vice President of Product Marketing, Collibra

Paul Brunet has extensive experience across all facets of marketing, product management, strategy and business development. His passion lies in matching technology to business challenges.

In his role as VP, Product Marketing at Collibra, Paul drives the strategy in helping clients maximize the value of their data through governance and catalog technologies. Prior to joining Collibra, Paul spent many years at IBM leading the various marketing teams in key initiatives including Cloud, Blockchain, Mobile and SOA.

About the Host

Eric Kavanagh

CEO, The Bloor Group

Eric has more than 20 years of experience as a career journalist with a keen focus on enterprise technologies. He designs and moderates a variety of New Media programs, including The Briefing Room, Information Management’s DM Radio and Espresso Series, as well as GARP’s Leadership and Research Webcasts. His mission is to help people leverage the power of software, methodologies and politics in order to get things done.

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