Hybrid Data Models - Relational + JSON

DATE: April 24, 2018

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

About the Webinar

JSON is preferred by web and mobile developers because it is simple and flexible. It is human readable and semi-structured. JSON is easy to use. DBAs prefer relational databases because they are reliable and secure – enforcing data integrity via constraints and transactions. What's the best way to support developers and DBAs without deploying two separate databases, further complicating things?

In this webinar, we'll explore the use of hybrid data models (relational + JSON) with MariaDB TX to provide faster schema evolution / more schema flexibility, and walk through 22 examples showing how hybrid data models can be created, indexed and queried. MariaDB TX includes a comprehensive set of JSON functions for reading, writing and querying JSON documents – and converting rows to JSON documents and vice-versa.

You will learn:

  • The pros and cons of using semi-structured data in a relational database
  • The capabilities and limitations of JSON functions for SQL
  • How to validate JSON documents and maintain data integrity
  • Where and when to use JSON documents instead of relational data

About the Speaker

Shane Johnson
Senior Director of Product Marketing

Shane Johnson.pngPrior to MariaDB, Shane led product and technical marketing at Couchbase. Before that, he performed technical roles in development, architecture and evangelism at Red Hat – specializing in Java and distributed systems.

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