Enhance Communication and Productivity with a Universal Business Glossary

DATE: February 25, 2020

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

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About the Webinar

Struggling with achieving a common business language? Follow a proven, tested plan to get your business aligned.

Inconsistent use of business terms is a serious business problem – but we can’t build business glossaries from scratch. Effective communication is the key to business success. Misunderstandings caused by incorrect interpretation of business data increase the risk of expensive errors and expose huge business risks. Many glossary initiatives have started and stopped because they did not have an effective process and template structure for developing a commonly accepted vocabulary of business terms. Gone are the days where organizations can manually develop a business glossary from scratch.

You can save tremendous time and cost in developing an effective business glossary via a Universal Business Glossary. One way to resolve this problem is to jump-start the business glossary initiative. Quickly and efficiently establishing a Universal Business Glossary™ delivers the collection and definitions of the most important business terms in the organization. A Universal Business Glossary™ addresses the need to provide clarification, structure, and content, while providing a tremendous jump-start to any business glossary initiative.

In this presentation we will show how an organization can leverage powerful solutions and approaches to:
- Accelerate the creation of a business glossary
- Effectively design, build, and implement a business glossary
- Use a proven standardized business vocabulary
- Leverage quality and proven templates for business terms and definitions
- Visualize the connections between business terms, policies, rules, and technical metadata

About the Speakers

Jeffrey Giles
Principal Architect, Sandhill Consultants

Jeffrey Giles is Principal Architect at Sandhill Consultants. He has over 15 years’ experience in information technology and is a recognized Data Management professional. Jeffrey has been a guest lecturer on Enterprise Architecture at the Boston University School of Management. Information management experience includes customizing Enterprise Architecture frameworks, creating model-driven solution architecture for business intelligence projects. Modeling experience includes modeling and analysis of business process workflow, modeling data at the conceptual, logical, and physical levels, and UML application modeling. Jeffrey possesses knowledge of both transactional and data warehousing systems. He understands the alignment of business, data, applications, and technology and has been involved in designing Data Governance standards, data glossaries, and taxonomies.

Len Silverston
President, Universal Data Models, LLC

Len Silverston is a best-selling author, consultant, and speaker with over 30 years of experience integrating organizations’ information, systems, and people. He is a thought leader in data modeling, data management, and the human dynamics of integrating information, and is well-known for his "Universal Data Models" – reusable models that help to develop higher-quality data models in less time. He authored "The Data Model Resource Book" series (volumes 1, 2, and 3), which describes hundreds of reusable data models. The volume 1 book was rated No. 12 on the Computer Literacy Best Seller List, and there are Chinese and Korean translations in the series. He is the winner of the DAMA International Professional Achievement Award for 2004 and the DAMA International Community Award for 2006. He has received the highest speaker rating for numerous DAMA events and other international conferences. Mr. Silverston's company provides consulting, training, publications, and software to enable information integration.

Robert Lutton
Vice President, Sandhill Consultants

Robert Lutton leads Sandhill Consultants and is responsible for creating an organization that delivers technology, service, products, and training in the areas of Enterprise Data Governance, Business Glossary, Data Catalog, Data Architecture, and Data Modeling. Sandhill’s vision is to develop, market, and deliver innovative solutions of exceptional value in the areas of Enterprise Modeling, Universal Data Modeling, Universal Business Glossary, and Data Catalog Space. Sandhill Consultants is a certified CMMI / DMM Partner and is focused on enhancing data as an asset via practices and technology to maximize investment in Data Management. Sandhill delivers solutions that enable organizations to enhance the value of their data by including best practices supported by robust Data Management technology. Robert continues to guide Sandhill Consultants’ growth and will continue to lead the organization to expand its reach in key aspects of the Enterprise Data Management business.

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