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Implementing Enterprise Data Governance

from a Line of Business - Can It Be Done?

DATE: 2017-09-06

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

About the Webinar

Our business environment has been becoming more and more complex: the demands of increasing regulation, slimmer margins, sophisticated customers and employees, competitive pressures, diverse talent pools and pervasive technology. Each business function in a corporation may face its unique challenges. One critical step in overcoming business challenges and winning in the marketplace is to thoroughly understand and trust the data we own, and combine it with the data that we have not explored to support decision making. Quite often than not, a certain line of business might determine that it badly needs data governance; however the enterprise oversight or support is not yet available, or has a different focus. When you find yourself in that situation, should you go ahead and implement LOB level data governance? Should you wait for the enterprise to lead the way when the timing is right?

This webinar will review this common situation that is happening in many corporations, and provide a practical approach to evaluate and determine the best course of action to implement data governance. HoChun Ho, Global Head of Data Governance and Management, JLL, and Shawn Houston, Vice President of Global Data Governance, will share their perspective of implementing data governance from the line of business such as corporate real estate.

About the Speakers

HoChun Ho

Global Head of Data Governance and Management, JLL

hochunv2.jpegHo-Chun Ho guides and oversees global data governance and management for the Corporate Solutions business line at JLL. The scope includes the business oversight on master data management, data quality, meta-data management and the overall data roadmap. Ho-Chun and his team defined and established the Data Governance function, its organizational structures, global and regional resources, processes and operating procedures, tools, and communication protocols. He also mentors the organization on overall enterprise data strategy to leverage industry best practices and leading edge technology in enterprise information management, business intelligence, master data management and big data. Ho-Chun is a Regional Director with JLL.

Shawn G.A. Houston

Vice President Global Data Governance, JLL

Houston_Shawn_G_A.jpgShawn G.A. Houston is a Philadelphia native. He studied Computer Operated Business Information Systems at Howard University in DC and had a unique opportunity to work in a family business developing a budgeting system for colleges and universities. He built upon that experience creating similar systems for country clubs.

Realizing that his true passion was the data captured by the applications, Shawn focused his journey in the data arena. From database administration to data architecture to business intelligence and finally data governance, Shawn has served in all roles surrounding data.

Shawn later obtained MBA degrees in Finance and Marketing from Drexel University to increase his business acumen. Combined with his data skills, he has helped Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies such as Comcast, JLL, and Davita realize improved data quality and real value from their data driving revenue gains.

Shawn has two kids that he loves raising. He is passionate about mentoring youth and helping them to achieve their life dreams.

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