Using Machine Learning to Understand and Predict Marketing ROI

DATE: April 17, 2018

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

About the Webinar

Marketing is all about attracting, retaining and building profitable relationships with your customers, but how do you know which customers to target, which campaigns to run, and which marketing programs to invest in, to get most return for your dollar?

Join Alteryx and Keyrus as we demonstrate how to combine all relevant marketing, sales and customer data, and perform sophisticated analytics to deepen customer insight and calculate ROI of marketing programs.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Segment and profile your customers – take that raw data and translate it into real value
  • Build a marketing attribution model within Alteryx, creating a personal answer engine for your company.
  • Leverage R or Python code in an Alteryx workflow so data scientists can collaborate with non-coding stake holders in a code-friendly and code-free environment.

Join Alteryx and Keyrus and get the actionable insights you need to drive marketing ROI analytics, and answer million-dollar questions without spending millions of dollars on standardized solutions.

About the Speakers

Razvan Nistor

Head of Data Science & Retail Analytics Expert, Keyrus

Photo_Raz_Nistor_Keyrus.PNGRazvan Nistor is the Chief Data Scientist at Keyrus US.  He comes from a background in the physical sciences where he learned to use computers to help people understand complex problems.  At Keyrus, he has worked with numerous clients across the financial, retail, nonprofit, and consumer packaged goods sectors to empower organizations to use data to make better business decisions.  The Data Science team at Keyrus specializes using the latest machine learning techniques to build rich analytical solutions to answer complex business questions.

Scott Trauthen

Marketing Director, Alteryx

Photo_Scott_Trauthen_Alteryx.jpgScott Trauthen joined Alteryx in January 2016 as the Marketing Director of channel demand generation strategy and programs. At Alteryx, Scott engages with partners and customers to address their challenges with self-service data analytics. Alteryx helps bring data analysts from being at the end of their rope to the edge of their seats with powerful, easy to design and use workflows that provide valuable insights and answer complex questions.

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